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The Major Players in Server Hardware

The world of server hardware is changing all the time. There are quite a few groundbreaking improvements over the years that have made it easily for systems administrators to maximize their productivity. The following highlights some of the innovations that have been made that are fresh and groundbreaking in the server hardware industry.

The biggest concept that is continuing to grow is the cloud server environment. This is becoming one of the more common platforms for server administration. In most cases there is going to be a need to server hardware that can support a lot of different cloud server environments. High capacity servers are going to be ideal for this. This will usually include a group of disk arrays that have multiple 1TB drives for large amounts of data.

A growing number of people that are in system administration are also going to benefit from having virtual servers, but they still need hardware for the backup data. That is why the SANS hardware is so important. There is competition among Dell and HP about server sales, but there are also some innovations from IBM. With IBM there is a lot of talk about the POWER8 Server. There are some POWER8 servers that have both 10 and 12 core 3.42 GHz processors in place. The difference from this and the standard servers on the market is the hardware is designed more so for Linux and Red Hat. This is the growing trend in the day and age of open source software.

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Microsoft has been a dominant force for a long time, but this company is losing growing to the open source environment. IBM has recognized this and found a way to implement a bundle of server and software roll outs. IBM is planning to implement this combination in the form of a solution stack that is referenced as Pure Systems.

In the future there are going to be more implementations of server and software combinations for IBM. For Dell, there is a greater need for more cores. While IBM is promoting the 10 and 12 core servers, Dell is releasing the T630 server which has 18 core modules. This is huge, but that is only a portion of the innovation found here. Dell has also designed this server with 8 PCI slots. It also has DDR4 memory that is ideal for a business data center.

HP, however, will not be outdone. This company is also providing customers with the Gen 9 Servers that will be the first to support UEFI Secure Boot. There will be 8 server platforms under the Gen 9 umbrella. The HP servers that are under this umbrella will be upgrades for the most part, but two of the products will be completely new for HP.


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