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About us

So, you’d like to know more about KDC Chartered Accountants? We are here to provide you with all our background history and we are sure you that you will be convinced about our values. Our values of integrity, ingenuity and intellect represent principles we are committed to and they define who we are and how we behave.

A brief background

KDC Chartered Accountants is an independent professional audit firm and has emerged some years ago after the mutual agreement of the foundation partners, to leave their extensive careers in an international Big Four audit firm and to establish their own firm in Nicosia.

From that point and on the firm is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the professionalism, capability and dedication of the partners. The management team some years later has been further expanded to include bankers and tax planners as well as to establish close relationships with professional associate firms in an effort to support a global network of specialists. This wide-ranging skills, has allowed us to make sound, evidence-based recommendations, tailored to you and your individual circumstances.

The firm more recently, has further expanded and established its new offices in Limassol in a way to serve better their international and domestic clients needs.

Now, and as we move into the future the firm is currently operating throughout a departmental partner approach in a way to provide specialization and quicker responds than ever, over the demanding global environment prevailed.

If we have managed to convinced you why not call us today? You can find our details in the Contact Us section or by searching the site.  







Cyprus Company Registration

KDC Chartered Accountants Limited is a firm of qualified professionals with offices in Nicosia and Limassol. Our firm is built upon the principles of Integrity objectivity and technical excellence.